The daily CSU newsletter ‘Today @ CSU’ ran a great article on this fine day.  Surprisingly, the student newspaper (The Collegian) did not pick up this gem.  The Collegian received national acclaim and criticism last year when it printed a “Fuck Bush” ad shortly after the ‘student taser incident’ we all recall.  Sadly, having not picked up this article, they remain scorned while ‘Today’ gets major kudos with this hard scientific research.. about.. you guessed it SQUIRRELS!

It seems that these sneaky little bastards are helping hard working CSU students fulfill their academic dreams.  Upon reading you will find their research enthralling.  Although I can’t get over this incredible quote:

“We have some funny squirrels. Some of them like to hang out at the student center and get fed donuts by the people there,”

In fact, I can often be found near the student center doing the same thing.  Enjoy!

This past weeked Kelley and I and another couple went to the Great Sand Dune National Park for playing, camping and picture taking.  Our friend Nathan is a professional photographer and needed subjects.  This also gave Kelley and I the chance to learn and play with our new SLR camera (Canon Rebel XSI).  We were able to try out some of his crazy lenses (he brought like 10 of them).  We were expecting 8 degree temperatures at night, and was pleasantly surprised when it was probably around 20.  The days were gorgeous and we had the park pretty much to ourselves.  It was like being a kid again – running through the sand and snow, skiing down, and sledding.  Click on the photo below to see the album!

We set up some lights which gave this awesome effect!

It has been tough to go through all 1500 photos (from our photographer) and choose our favorites.  We narrowed it down to about 300.  Click on the photo to see them all.   As we continue to sort through all of the pictures, we may choose to post others.

Enjoy – we have!

Following the end of the spring semester, Kelley and I ran out of town and traveled down to Durango, CO for a much needed week on the Pine river.  We always have a completely relaxing and amazing time while down there.  Click on the image below for more photos of the trip!

Kelley, Boo and I once again returned to the Rawah wilderness for a weekend of backpacking. The Rawah is my favorite local backpacking area. It seems that whenever I enter, I discover a new region with wonderful views, and outstanding ambiance. This trip was no different, we made our way 8 or so miles in to around 11,000 feet at the base of the Twin Crater Lakes. We camped in a valley where snow melted into waterfalls and collected as streams crisscrossing around our tent. You can click on the image below to be taken to the gallery for this event. Enjoy!

Twin Crater Lakes

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